Why you should always listen to your trainer – a note from GP Raymeister

Big Ray here to share my bits of advice…get it?…bits…horses? Okay that was a pathetic joke, I won’t try another. I am now into my late teens! I still look great though, no worries there! Who knew how fast the time would fly by! All of these years, most of which…

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Now Available: Into the Spotlight Part 2

This section is for KYB Connected members only.   Please sign up today to get your ringside seat at KYB Connected! Click here to go to the sign up page. If you are already a KYB Connected member and you are logged into the site, you may be seeing this…

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Spirit of the Horse 2017 coming soon

The official Spirit of the Horse video from our 2017 Holiday show is coming soon to KYB Connected! If you love the educational videos we post, think about sharing a gift of a Connected membership this year. All proceeds from KYB Connected memberships go directly to our rescue Horses Without…

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