Indy’s Second Week at KYB

So these last ten days with Indy have been super fun. He is a funny yet uncomplicated horse. I now know my initial idea that he had any fearful characteristics was not correct. He has proven to be mostly aloof with a very small challenging streak which is seldom seen and easy to handle when it does appear. He is an uncomplicated soul who seems to enjoy the training process. I ride him six days a week working on all manner of issues from shoulder control, to connection, to steering.

This segment was shot outdoors. This video focuses on the days we worked on basic join up and some long lining. Some shots àre just moments in between enjoying a bit of time in the grass because spring is on its way. The lay down and bow are coming along as is the relaxation in the topline that I am waiting on.

Thanks to Omega Alpha and Nutrena for sponsoring Indy from the inside out!  I am really happy with how much I enjoy this little horse! There will be much more to come.

Though it’s always recommended to visit the campus before applying to the school, at times the current engagements of people living on the other side of the world make visiting a tad bit difficult.

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