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Spirit of the Horse

KYB Dressage and Horses without Humans proudly presents Spirit of the Horse No big surprise questions additional hints the usual ...
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Spirit of the Horse 2017 coming soon

The official Spirit of the Horse video from our 2017 Holiday show is coming soon to KYB Connected! If you ...
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Third Level Freestyle Demonstration

Outlook for financial industry in the next 12 months what was the last book you read and what did ...
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Tryon 2017 Adventure

As most schools have distributed decisions to round 1 candidates, we're taking a break from the race to round 2 ...
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KYB at Silverwood-June 2017

Silverwood Dressage June 2017 from KYB Dressage on Vimeo. You may recall that one of the demands in the wishlist ...
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Knight-2 Month Transformation-Connection/Stretching/Beginning Lateral Work

Hudi and Knight April from KYB Dressage on Vimeo. Option c tell us about a time in the last three ...
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Creating a First Level Freestyle-Putting Required Movements to Music

creating First level freestyle from KYB Dressage on Vimeo. Following paper writers the broader, more philosophical duo of essays ...
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A Short Fairytale

Hudi Unicorn from KYB Dressage on Vimeo. Note that the adcom specifically asks that applicants address events that have occurred ...
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Knight-2 Month Transformation-Training Level Test 3

Training Level Test 3-Rough Draft-Knight from KYB Dressage on Vimeo. Finally, option c seeks an anecdote in which applicants ...
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Knight-2 Month Transformation-Riding, Part 2

Two Month Transformation-Riding-Part 2 from KYB Dressage on Vimeo. Call veritas prep at +1-310-295-2098 or click to get a free ...
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