Seventytwo: The Story of a Loser

Seventytwo The Story of a Loser Starting out, Life does not always hand us a clear path to our destiny. Especially if someone else is in charge of plotting our course. These words have been proven equally true, for both humans, and animals. Some beings, are simply born into the…

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Indy-Spring 2017

Indy-Spring 2017 from KYB Dressage on Vimeo. The converging trends of more students pursuing social entrepreneurship and more of those students leaning toward for-profit professional proofreader organizations within which to work has created some new challenges for business schools, the ft reports.

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Indy: The Fourth Installment

This week Indy and I focused on a little more balance under saddle, we introduced the pedestal which he had no issues with whatsoever and we worked on his lay down response being more prompt and then staying down until I tell him to get up. I have incorporated a…

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The Thoroughbred Makeover Challenge

So I am about to revisit my racetrack days with an entry in the $100,000 Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover Challenge.  Many people do not know that I started my professional career with Standardbred racehorses directly out of high school.  I spent seven years learning from, first the harness horses…

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