The Thoroughbred Makeover Challenge

So I am about to revisit my racetrack days with an entry in the $100,000 Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover Challenge.  Many people do not know that I started my professional career with Standardbred racehorses directly out of high school.  I spent seven years learning from, first the harness horses but also the Thoroughbreds, up and down the east coast racetracks of both Canada and the United States.  Initially I started as a groom, I learned so much about what baby racehorses needed.   How to recognize and deal with lameness in many forms: liniment baths, poultices, sweats, rubbing, wrapping, fitness, feeding and loving young race prospects, all of them just learning to fly.  Eventually I graduated to training horses, however, I spent so many years as a groom, studying and trying to do my part in producing top athletes, I value how rare really good grooms are.

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